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Treat Your Skin While You Sleep

Treat Your Skin While You Sleep

Overnight Treatment Sleeping Pack

Your new go-to night cream is here! MOIRA's Overnight Treatment Sleeping Pack improves your skin while you're sleeping making it the perfect solution for people who don't have time for a regular night time skin routine or who want to give their routine an extra boost. Visibly notice your skin enhance with this cream as it reduces redness, deep hydration, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Overnight Treatment Sleeping Pack helps protect your skin from water loss overnight allowing you to wake up to moisturized and nourished skin in the morning.


Cactus Extract

Full of antioxidants that can help prevent skin damage and slow down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Cactus extracts also contain skin softening vitamins and nourishing fatty acids. When you think about it, cactus' are able to survive in the dessert with little to no water due to their water storing abilities. These abilities are transferred to our skin while the Overnight Treatment Sleeping Pack is in use which helps prevent water loss.

Green Tea Extract

Using green tea extracts topically give the skin many benefit including anti-aging properties. This extract also possess properties known to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin.


Omega-3 helps regulate oil products which boost hydration and help prevent acne. It also has been proven to delay the skin's aging process which means that it helps against wrinkle formation.


Omega 6 plays an important role in the barrier function of the skin meaning that it helps stimulate cell regeneration and influence the inflammatory response of the skin.

Vitamin C

When applied topically, Vitamin C promotes collagen formation which helps maintain firm and youthful skin. It also helps your skin naturally produces antioxidants that help rejuvenate photo damaged skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps protect skin from environmental stress that cause breakouts. Due to it's anti-inflammatory agents, it is also known to help calm and hydrate sensitive skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

A molecule that keeps your skin hydrated through the day, helping your skin fight against pollution and reduce aging effects.


(Use Overnight Treatment Sleeping Pack instead of moisturizer at night)

Dry Skin

The Overnight Sleeping Pack is the ideal product for people with dry skin. Use it as your new final step in your skincare routine by applying all over the face. It will help your skin maintain moisture all night leaving you with hydrated skin in the morning. 

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, add our Overnight Treatment Sleeping Pack as the final step in your night time skincare routine. No need to wash or rinse off! Just continue with your regular morning routine and notice better looking skin as the days go on. 

Combination/Oily Skin

When using the Overnight Treatment Sleeping Pack on Combination/Oily skin, it was very important to make sure you use only a toner BEFORE applying sleeping pack. Start with your regular routine and wipe face down with a cotton pad with toner before applying the Overnight Treatment Sleeping Pack. Do not apply other moisturizers before your sleeping pack.

Recommended up to 2 times a week.

MOIRA Beauty Pro Approved by IMATS

MOIRA Beauty Pro Approved by IMATS

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