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Face Full of Aqua Liquid Highlighter

Face Full of Aqua Liquid Highlighter

In honor of our new Aqua Liquid Highlighter that comes out THIS WEEK, we decided to bring back an old trend with a new twist. Instead of doing a face full of glitter, we accomplished a face full of highlighter with our 6 unique liquid highlighter shades. Here's how we did it...

Step by Step

Step 1-First, we apply the base layer which is #03 Bubbly Champagne all over the face using a beauty blender. 
Step 2- Using a small flat blending brush and #05 Breeze Bronzed, apply a few dots where you contour. I applied it in the hallow of my cheekbones, around my forehead, sides of my nose, and under my chin. I then blended it out with a beauty blender.
Step 3- With a different small brush, apply #04 Dewy Gold onto the bridge of nose, under the eyes and middle of forehead and blend.
Step 4- We were serious when we said "Face Full of Highlighter" so don't think that we forgot about the eyes. Using #05 Breezed Bronzed with a blending brush, apply to crease and blend out. Then with #06 Fresh Violet and a flat eyeshadow brush, dab onto lid and blend out edges with the first brush. Add finally, add #01 Water Pearl into inner corner of the eyes for a pop!
Step 5- Add your favorite lashes and mascara to make your eyes stand out!
Step 6- Add some color and of course shine to your cheeks by applying #02 Glazed Rose Gold to give a blush effect!
Step 7- Using #01 Water Pearl, dab with a brush onto highs of cheeks and temple.
Step 8- Lastly, pink up your lips with #02 Glazed Rose Gold using a small lip brush.

And that completes our face full of Aqua Liquid Highlighter. We hope you enjoyed watching us having some fun with one of our favorite new products. Get your hands on these starting this week and tag us on Instagram of you recreating this look! Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates of our blog and products. Follow us on all social media accounts to stay in the know of what MOIRA has coming!


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