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Independence Day Ready!

Independence Day Ready!

4th of July Look

Yay! The 4th of July is here! Who's excited for fireworks, bbq's, and the basic 4th of July boomerang with sparklers. To help you achieve the perfect look so you can be Instagram ready on this holiday, MOIRA has created two trendy outfits and makeup looks for you!

OOTD & MOTD (option 1)

The first Outfit Of The Day option is the trendiest look for this 4th of July. The typical flag print is out this summer so it's time to get creative with our looks. Represent our red, white, and blue colors but without being so obvious. Our top suggestions are to use lighters shades of red and blue on your clothes and not use all three colors. 


Loose bottoms are in this summer! There's no better place to rock a loose flowy skirt than at your bbq. We have two suggested styles for you. The first is a red A-line silhouette knee-length skirt. It's a bit of a circle skirt style making it easy to dress down with slip on shoes or dress up with heels. The second is a high waisted pale blue and white striped A-line skirt. This as well can de dressed up or down with the right shoes and accessories. These urban and casual looking skirts are comfortable and stylish making it the top style to wear this Independence Day. 

London Rose Pleated Button-Front Skirt

Belted Striped Skirt


Since the bottoms are loose and flowy, a cropped and tight top is recommended to flatter your figure. The best color would be white to not conflict with the colorful bottoms. These are our top 3 recommended tops for your urban look. The first is a twisted front hem cropped shirt in white. Plain enough to not distract from your fashion statement bottoms yet stylish enough to make your whole outfit a complete look. This top goes perfectly with either bottoms and is a must have staple that every girl needs to own. The second is a knit crop top with a v-neck line and tie front design in white. This top would be best paired with the red skirt due to the fact that it has a bow tie front design that balances the plainness in the design of the skirt. The last option is a cami with a v-neck line, twist front design and front keyhole. This is best paired with the blue and white skirt since the shirt is simple enough to not contrast with the bulky belt on the skirt. 

Twist-Front Cropped Tee

Tie-Front Cutout Crop Top

Ribbed Twist-Front Cami


For the shoes, we recommend picking the color opposite to the bottoms. For example navy blue shoes if you go with the red skirt and red shoes if you go with the blue. The reason for this is to achieve the complete Independence Day outfit with out overdoing it by incorporating all the colors on the clothes themselves. Since both skirts can be worn as casual or semi-formal, they can be worn with flats or heels, depending on what look you're trying to achieve. For flats, we recommend the all time favorites, TOMS. They are comfy and stylish so you can participate in all the 4th of July festivities while looking cute doing it. For the heels, we recommend an elegant white heel to complete a semi-formal to formal look. Add the opposite color of the skirts as accessories like earrings or a necklace.

Red Canvas Women's Classics

Navy Canvas Women's Classics

ASOS Penalty


The makeup for this look is a simple natural look with a pop of color. Start with your regular makeup routine for foundation, concealer, contour, eyebrows, and highlight. Using MOIRA's Undeniable Gel Liner in 006 Galaxy Blue (a deep navy blue and purple shade), make an eyeliner above the lash line with a bit of space in between. With MOIRA's Super Ink Liner in 001 Black, make a winged liner in the space between the lash line and blue liner. With a bit of the Glitter from MOIRA's Scandaleyes Metallic Duo in 003 Conga Vs Cumbia, apply to the inner corner of the eyes. Put on your favorite lashes to make your eyes standout even more! Finish your look with MOIRA's Matte Liquid Lips in 001 Royal.

OOTD & MOTD (option 2)

For the second option, we will be going with the traditional aka basic 4th of July look. While it may not be the big thing to do this year, it is still a classic and casual look that is perfect for typical 4th of July plans. Feel cute and comfortable at the park, a pool party, bbq, etc in this look!


For this look, we recommend to wear one of two designs of shorts. The first are simple white shorts. They can be any design and cut just as long as they are white. The other shorts you should wear on this day are flag designed denim shorts. Whether they are faded or bright colors, these denim shorts are what make this look complete.

Frayed Distressed Denim Shorts

Stars & Striped Denim Shorts


The tops for this look are very similar to the last. Cropped tops are trendy and go with most styles that people wear during the summer. The only difference here is that we can have a bit more fun with the patriotic colors. All of these tops can be worn with either pair of shorts since this look is meant to be the traditional Independence Day look. The first top is a mix of obviously red, white and blue. The strapless crop top will keep you cool this summer and make switching into your swimsuit easy! We got lucky with the second and third top since they're the same but in different patriotic colors. The second is a red and white striped cami and the third comes in a navy blue and white striped color. Both are comfortable and adorable making your 4th of July outfit complete! The last is perfect if you're trying to show your American pride while looking fabulous at the same time. The blue and white stars side is made of sequins and the other is knitted ribbed cloth with a ladder style cut front. This shirt is made to make you stand out!

Colorblock Stripped Cropped Tube Top

Striped Cami Crop Top

Striped Star Sequin Crop Top


Lets keep the red, white and blue trend going while dulling it down a bit. Since we've added much more color to our outfit we need to keep the same color trend going while not overdoing it. These classic Converse high tops will keep you comfortable the whole day and make your look ICONIC!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top


For this makeup look we are going BOLD! Sticking to the same red, white (sparkles) and blue but with tones that POP! For the eyes, we did a double liner with bright blue eyeliner and silver sparkles on top using MOIRA's Undeniable Gel Liner in 004 Cool Aqua and the liquid side of MOIRA's Scandaleyes Metallic Duo in 003 Conga Vs Cumbia. Then we added some glitter under the eyes using the same Scandaleyes Metallic Duo but the glitter side. For the lips, we decided to keep the sparkling look going by doing a two shade lip. Who's says fireworks are the only thing that can sparkle on this day? Using MOIRA's Matte Liquid Lips in 01 Royal to create full upper and bottom lips. We then used MOIRA's Scandaleyes Metallic Duo in 004 Salsa Vs Merengue to sparkle the bottom lips using the glitter side.

This completes our two different 4th of July looks. All of the clothes featured are from FOREVER 21, TOMS, ASOS and NIKE. Links to each item page are attached in each picture. We hope that you like them and try them out! Feel free to tag us in your Independence Day post inspired by this blog! Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with out blogs, promotions and product updates. Follow us on all social media accounts and keep an eye out for our 5K Followers Celebration Giveaway! 

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