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Secrets to Radiant Summer Skin

Secrets to Radiant Summer Skin

Hydrated Summer Skin

It’s finally starting to feel like summer here in SoCal! Say hello to long nights, beach days and unfortunately dehydrated skin. Yup, summer comes along with lots of fun activities to do but most of them come at a cost and that is our skin. Without proper care and hydration, our skin breakouts, gets sun damage, wrinkles, etc! But don’t worry because we have you covered with summer tricks and tips that not only help your skin stay clear this summer but also avoid other dehydration side effects


Drinking Water

Obviously drinking water is the main way to make sure you stay hydrated this summer. But how much water should you be drinking is the real question? Well, for women 19 years of age & over should drink 72 oz of water on average and men 19 years of age & over should drink 104 oz on average. Many other factors go into the recommended water intake like high temperatures, how much you exercise, and diet. Click here to see what is the recommended amount of water for you. Also, if you’re like me and can’t function without your morning coffee, you must drink 3 times the amount of recommended water intake when you drink caffeinated drinks!

Tip: Make sure you are drinking at least the minimum amount of water for your age group and gender.
Trick: Buy a motivational water bottle that marks how much water you should be drinking every hour to make reaching the 72 or 104 oz. a day easier!


Foods to Eat!

Achieve healthier looking skin from the inside out! Try to eat fruits and vegetables that are high in fluids. There’s a reason most of these are in season during the summer! Add them to your favorite meal or keep them around as a light snack. Cantaloupe, watermelon, spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, berries, cauliflower, radishes, and celery are not only hydrating but they are also full of antioxidants that helps give your skin a radiant complexion.

Tip: Replace sugary snacks for hydrating fruit! Fruit has natural sugar that will fulfill that sweet tooth craving!
Trick: Blend some of your favorite fruit together in a blender and add some water then pour into ice tray or popsicle tray to make some natural and yummy homemade popsicles!


Avoid HOT Showers!

Not just to save up for the AC bill, but also to help your skin! Hot water showers during the summer have been proven to dry out and irritate your skin. Since cold water closes the pores, it helps reduce breakouts during the summer since it’ll be more difficult for the sweat bacteria to clog and get into the pores. It is also very important to shower daily and sometimes even twice a day, depending on how much you sweat, to avoid breakouts.

Tip: Use refreshing and hydrating lotion to make up for the damage from hot water showers.
Trick: If you absolutely can’t shower without hot water, switch the water to cold at the end to close up your pores.



It is very important to use sunscreen not just during the summer but at all times. Sun damage leads to premature aging, especially noticeable in photographs, and can even lead to skin cancer. Sun damage isn’t just a tan or burn, which is why it’s crucial to know what sunscreen to use and how you should reapply.

Tip: Read our "How Do I Choose A Sunscreen" blog about to learn more about sun protection and which sunscreen is right for you!
Trick: To get the most protection from the sun, remember to cover up with clothing and hats when possible!



Since we tend to sweat more during the summer, we are more likely to breakout due to excess oil and bacteria getting into our pores. Because of this, it is recommended to exfoliate 2 to even 3 times during the summer. By exfoliating, your skin will have a smoother appearance and take in toner and moisturizer better.

Tip: Try MOIRA’s Fizzi Lemon Peeling Gel as an exfoliator. It not only exfoliates but brightens your skin up as well. Gentle for all skin types! *If irritation occurs, stop use immediately.
Trick: Makeup applies and lasts longer on an exfoliated skin.



As mentioned before, since we tend to sweat more during the summer we are more vulnerable to breakouts. Due to this, some people might even have to switch what cleanser they use for the summer. Look for a cleanser with mild AHA and BHA acids. AHA acids help with the outer layer of the skin to improve skin tone, texture and wrinkles while BHA acids help exfoliate your skin.

Tip: Try MOIRA’s Moisture Capture Whipping Cleanser this summer! Gentle enough for all skin types while it unclogs pores.
Trick: Take our skin type quiz to see what skin type you are and what products you should be looking for.

AWB 2 copy.jpg


To help prevent dry and patchy skin, it is important to moisturize. Due to the fact that we tend to be a bit more oily during the summer, it is important to switch to an oil free moisturizer to control breakouts (unless you have super dry and non oily skin). We also recommend using a moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid which keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day while helping your skin fight against pollution and other aging effects.

Tip: Use MOIRA’s Atomic Water Balm. It’s a water-based moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid that gives you a refreshing feel without stickiness.
Trick: MOIRA’s Atomic Water Balm also has a built-in primer. Use before applying makeup to make skin the perfect moisturized and primed canvas.


Lip Care

There’s nothing worse than dried chapped lips during the summer. Most times, people are so focused on the rest of their face and body that they forget to take care of their lips until it’s too late. To keep your lips kissable this summer, we recommend to use a lip scrub 2-3 times a week and switch to an SPF chapstick.

Tip: Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub the same day as you exfoliate the rest of your face.
Trick: Apply SPF chapstick before starting your makeup routine. By the time you're ready to apply your lipstick, your lips will be a perfectly smooth canvas and have sun protection.



If you’re planning on being out in the sun this summer, make sure to carry around a mist with you at all time. Even if you’re not out in the sun it is recommended to spray your face with a mist frequently to cool down and rehydrate your skin.

Tip: To make your beach bag a little lighter, buy a travel sized spray bottle and pour some of your favorite mist spray in there.
Trick: Use MOIRA’s Prime Plus Primer Water as your go to spray! It’s a mist AND fix spray so it will rehydrate your skin while revamping your makeup!


Treat Your Skin

Give your skin a treat by doing facials once a week. Since you’re already exfoliating, it’s important to do a more moisturizing and nourishing facial mask. By doing this you are giving your skin a boost of hydration and giving your mind a nice relaxation. For more information on which mask is right for you, read our Hydrogel Mask post.

Tip: Try MOIRA’s Water Bomb Hydrogel Mask to moisturize, refresh and rejuvenate your skin!
Trick: Pop our hydrogel mask into the refrigerator for 10-15 min before use for a more refreshing feel!

Try these tips and tricks to stay cool and help your skin look radiant this summer. Let us know if you have any summer pointers that help you during the summer heat. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter for more skincare and beauty blogs to come! Follow us on all social media accounts for updates on all MOIRA events and updates.

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