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Pop-Up Fun: Museum of Selfies

Pop-Up Fun: Museum of Selfies

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Happy National Selfie Day! In honor of this day, we here at MOIRA Cosmetics went to the Museum of Selfies to find out... Is It Worth It?! Located in Glendale California, the Museum of Selfies is a pop-up installation made to give people a bit of a history lesson on cameras, cellphones, and of course SELFIES. But is the hype and price of $25 per ticket all it’s made to seem. Let’s find out…

Before we start, we’re going to do things a little bit differently with this review. Due to the way this pop-up is arranged and our thoughts of the whole installation itself, we are going to separate these stations by the good and bad. So here we go!

What We Loved

As you walk into the building you get stopped to take a selfie. Literally, a sign that tells you to STOP AND TAKE A SELFIE! Once you enter, the front desk receptionist provides you with a variety of selfie sticks available to check-out and make your selfie experience easier.

Now this room, as you can see, was giving us major “feeling myself” vibes. The room itself has a Great Gatsby rich vintage theme and had props for you to use while you’re in there. There is a timeline along the wall with information of the first cameras and first selfie taken. This room gets 4 out of 5 selfie-able stars due to its 1920’s theme and props!

Image from iOS.jpg

Mona Lisa doesn’t smile here, she duck faces’. This picture doesn’t have its own section but you HAVE to take a picture with her giving your best duck face. This portrait gets a 5 out of 5 selfie-able stars.

The idea of these statues came from an incident that happened at a museum last year. A woman damaged $200,000 worth of art at 14th Factory exhibition space in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles just for a selfie! The Museum of Selfies has recreated that incident for all of us to experience. Overall, I think the idea of this is great and the amount of poses and reactions you can do here is endless! This section gets 5 out of 5 selfie-able stars!


Who doesn’t want to bathe in a bathtub full of gold? Not only is this gold coin filled bathtub perfect for selfies but you’re also able to throw them in the air for the cutest boomerang! This, plus the amazing lighting that showed off my highlight is the reason that it gets 5 out of 5 selfie-able stars.

The museum did a really good job with this section. Don’t you actually believe Evelyn is on top of a skyscraper here? This is in honor of the selfie that was taken at the tallest building in the world in Dubai. With the selfie sticks the museum provides, we were able to capture a great pic! This gets 5 out of 5 selfie-able stars.

A party disco ball themed car with a luminous color light show in the background.  The whole section matched my Aqua Liquid Highlight by MOIRA Cosmetics in Fresh Violet (teaser)! This is probably one of the most interactive displays in the whole place since you can sit, stand, lay and pretty much anything else on the car. Disco car gets 5 out of 5 selfie-able stars!


This installation is a Van Gogh replica of the famous painting "The Bedroom". Honestly, there wasn’t really much we could do in this section due to the size (it was really tiny). We did have a lot of picture ideas to take in this room but again, due to the size, it was difficult to execute. This room gets 1 out of 5 selfie-able stars.

Image from iOS.jpg

Probably one of the most boring area in the whole museum! I mean, it was informative reading over the evolution of cellphones and its cameras but that’s pretty much it. Nothing much there to interact with. This room gets 1 out of 5 selfie-able stars.


Let’s be honest, who hasn’t taken a picture of their meal at least once before? That’s right, almost everyone has! We would know since The Museum of Selfies has a counter on the wall! All of this but the set-up itself was highly disappointing. We give this section a 3.5 out of 5 selfie-able stars since it was a good idea but the size and layout itself made it difficult to execute a cute picture.


Another room that had great potential but just wasn’t executed properly. First, just to figure out how to take the ‘looking at someone else in the mirror’ pose was tricky because getting to the other side was confusing. Second, they didn’t have anyone there to take the picture of that famous pose. This room was probably the biggest disappointment of the day due to the fact that we couldn’t get the famous pose. We gave this 2 out of 5 selfie-able stars.


I can’t lie, I have taken a “Do It For The Gram” picture at the gym, but so has almost everyone else. This room could have been great but… every mirror in there was distorted! There was no way to take a typical “gym pic” which made the star value go down. Because of the cute pink boxing gloves and punching bag… the gym room gets 3 out of 5 selfie-able stars.

We didn’t get the best picture in this room and it is partially our fault. First, we didn’t turn on the light...oops and second, we didn’t have anyone to take a picture of us from further away. Because of this we will give the room an extra star but even then it only receives 3 out of 5 selfie-able stars. The room itself wasn’t that interactive and we really saw no point to it.

Overall, it was a fun day but it was not what we expected at all. For the price of $25, the Museum of Selfies is NOT worth it. Maybe at a cheaper price and with a couple adjustments, the museum can be better. The Museum of Selfies closes on the 30th of June so if you still want to go and see if it is worth it for yourselves you have time. If you’ve gone or if you’re going let us know your thoughts! Remember to subscribe for more pop-up reviews to come. Follow us on all social media accounts for updates on all MOIRA events and updates.

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