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Highlight Your Life

Highlight Your Life


Aqua Liquid Highlighter

Highlight your life with our new Aqua Liquid Highlighters! 6 shades perfect for any moment in your life you want to highlight. Its' lightweight formula gives you a barely there feel while lasting throughout the day and night. Aqua Liquid Highlighter can be used on the eyes, cheeks, lips, and body. Pretty much anywhere you want to give a highlight! 


6 Glowing Shades

  1. Water Pearl- It is as if you've just opened a shell and found the most beautiful pearl! This opal colored highlighter gives off a bright white and iridescent shine. 
  2. Glazed Rose Gold- Pretty in... Rose Gold? This lovely gold color with a pink undertone will not only highlight but add a natural blushing color as well.
  3. Bubbly Champagne- Champagne bottles are not the only thing that's popping when this shade is around. A light gold color that catches everyone's eye.
  4. Dewy Gold- Dewy is in right now so why not add a dewy gold highlighter to your look! While dewy, it is still a bold gold that shines like a first place medal.
  5. Breeze Bronzed- Feel like the bronzed goddess that you are. Float through the breeze while feeling the warmth this copper colored highlighter gives you.
  6. Fresh Violet- Make people think you've just strolled through lavender fields. This light violet pigmented highlighter adds shine and a pop of  color.

Ways to Use

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  1. Apply makeup as you do regularly.
  2. Add a small amount of Aqua Liquid Highlighter onto desired area, typically highs of cheeks, bridge and tip of nose, inner corner of eyes and cupids bow.
  3. Dab with finger tip to spread.
  4. Apply more until desired shine.


  1. Apply eyeshadow as you do regularly.
  2. Apply Aqua Liquid Highlighter into center of the eyelid.
  3. Aqua Liquid Highlighter can be use to cut-crease of simply add on top of your eyeshadow to make it shine!


  1. Apply lip liner and lipstick as you do regularly.
  2. Add Aqua Liquid Highlighter onto center of lips to add shine and give lips a fuller look!


  1. Apply Aqua Liquid Highlighter onto desired body area that you want to highlight, typically the collar bone and shoulder.
  2. Massage and spread with hands to give your body a shimmering glow.

Things to Know

  • 6 Shades
  • Cost:$8.00
  • Long-wearing
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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