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Pop-Up Fun: Candytopia

Pop-Up Fun: Candytopia

Candytopia Fun

This week, two of our MOIRA girls had the pleasure of attending one of LA's hottest pop-up shop, Candytopia! The amount of laughs, selfies and, of course, candy were endless! But is the hype all that it is made out to be? Is this pop-up really worth it? Let's find out...

Room 1

The first room has a very old office/library vibe. All the sculptures and some pictures are made from candy. The guide in there gives a brief description about Jackie Sorkin,  the creator Candytopia, who designed all the candy made art. Be on the look out for the secret stash of candy... you never know where it's going to pop out from.  We give this room a 2 out of 5 stars for being selfie-able. While it was pretty cool to see, there wasn't really much that you can take a picture with or of. 

Room 2

Now this room is one for the books. So much art and it's ALL made from candy! Of course, my favorite was the lip art one. There are also crystals dangling from the ceiling to the floor that can make anyone feel like a crystal princess. Only regret was that we didn't have enough time for MORE pictures! This room gets a 5 out of 5 selfie-able stars! You can't get any more selfie-able than a room where there isn't enough time for all the possible selfies!

Room 3

Fun under the sea! This underwater themed room gave everyone mermaid vibes. There's a lot of dangling candy sea creatures to take pictures and boomerangs with. You can see the detail they crafted into the art in this room.  Not to mention a giant treasure chest filled with candy! Yum! Overall, this room gets 4 out of 5 selfie-able stars. Although all the art and overall theme of the room was great, the lighting wasn't the best for our selfies.

Room 4

What's more selfie-able than three different themes all in one room? That's right, this room has three different spots with different themes and you'll be left without knowing where to start. The first is a retro colored themed with swirls that look like you're about to sink it. Remember to scan your picture code to get a pic from the ceiling! The next section is one of my favorites of the whole place, 100%. Yes, I am referring the the huge 100 emoji swing. Getting on is a bit tricky but once you're on, the fun begins. This makes for the perfect boomerang. Next is the cloud themed corner! Don't be scared to lay on the big white ball and feel like you're floating in the clouds. Of course, this room gets 5 out of 5 selfie-able stars.

Room 5

So this next one isn't necessarily a room but it is definitely selfie-able. I would know, I had a whole photo shoot here. This neon rainbow stairway is so under-rated. I don't know why people just walk down without taking pictures. The darkness mixed with the bright neon lights just make you feel like you're in a movie and you must have a montage in there. This stairway for sure gets 5 out of 5 selfie-able stars!

Room 6

This Hawaiian jungle themed room was not one of my favorites. Don't get me wrong, it was cute and all but for some reason I felt that there just wasn't anything too special about it. The rope swing and surf board were perfect for boomerang but besides those two, nothing else really popped despite the amount of stuff in that room. This room gets 3 out of 5 selfie-able stars.

Room 7

The Trolli Room! Now this room is by far my favorite room our of the whole place. From the second you walk in and you get confetti in your face and hair. The room is just so colorful and the unicorn pigs are adorable. Best boomerang of the day was with confetti getting thrown up in the air.  The spinning Trolli circle is set up to use your snap code and duhhh... more confetti! It makes for a Instagram worthy pic. We give this room 5 out of 5 selfie-able stars!

Room 8

The final room! The room everyone has pictures of. The Marshmallow Pit room! As you wait for the previous group to take all their pictures and leave the pit, you are able to roam the jungle themes area above. The jungle has some cool spots but everyone by that time just wants to get in the pit. When your time finally arrives, it's marshmallow heaven. It is a bit difficult to stand up and move around once you're inside. Be mindful of that when you scan your picture code one last time to take the overhead picture. You only have 10 seconds to get in your pose and that's just not enough time when it's hard to move (Look above at our failed picture for proof). Overall, this room was a lot of fun and we did get cute pictures, boomerangs, and Snapchat videos. This room gets 5 out of 5 selfie-able stars.

Is it worth it?

Overall, we came to the conclusion that Candytopia IS worth it. Go on their Instagram before heading there to see signature poses that you can do. Take your time with EVERY room because there is a lot to miss if you rush through them. Just have fun! Enjoy all the candy you receive. We hoped you liked this review. Comment down below what other hot LA spot you would like us to visit and review next. Subscribe and follow us on all social media accounts to see what pop-up we do next and see if it's worth it. 

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